Let’s put an end to malaria world-wide!

The Fight Against Malaria

President/Founder: Aniruddh Mandalapu

Website Analyst: Sai Abhilash Ghanta

College Division

Chair: Aniruddh Mandalapu

Vice-Chair: Novelpreet Boparai

High School Division 

Chair: Aruni Areti


-Aniruddh Mandala​pu

recent Events

The San Diego Division of The Fight Against Malaria hosted its first ever fundraiser at Souplantation on Monday, August 24th from 5-8 pm. 20% of the night's profits was donated towards the cause!


The Fight Against Malaria accepts volunteers of all ages. As a new organization, volunteers are highly appreciated and will be counted on for tasks such as passing out fliers.

mission & vision

The Fight Against Malaria aims to bring the communities across California together, increase the awareness of malaria's global impact, and gather funds to buy malaria medicine and mosquito nets for those in need world-wide.

We are fortunate enough to live in a country where a deadly disease like malaria has been practically eradicated. When you stop and take a look at malaria's affect world-wide in places like Kenya, Zimbabwe, India, and the Philippines, you realize how bad it is. We have to do something about it

Our founder