Let’s put an end to malaria world-wide!

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Countries like Kenya, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Principe, and Liberia

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Tae Kwon do fights malaria

Through exhibitions with his demonstration team colleagues from Choi's Martial Arts, Aniruddh Mandalapu organizes fundraisers for The Fight Against Malaria to rally the local community to support The Fight Against Malaria's mission. 

Malaria is a serious problem world-wide. As a result, we need all the help we can get through both volunteering and simple monetary donations. Even a one dollar donation is enough for a full course of malaria medication that can save the life of an ailing child.

Because malaria is only a severe problem in many third world countries in the world, most U.S. citizens are unaware of this illness. The Fight Against Malaria attempts to rally a myriad of local communites around one cause, the aid of malaria victims world wide. 

We are currently in the process of requesting corporate grants.

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Every minute a child dies from malaria

Pregnant women are particularly at risk of malaria

Half the world's population is at risk of malaria

South America

Countries like Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela 

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South East Asia

Countries like India, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar